Install or Configure Activa TSP...

To install or configure please see our ActivaTSP FAQ

Compiler we use

We use Visual Studio 2005 SP 1

Using the Activa C++ framework

Main classes are ASTProvider and ASTCstaProvider, wich implements an abstraction service layer and event listener interfaces.

Doxygen documentation for Activa framework & TSP Doxygen documentation is here.

Some functions where based on ideas from asterisk-jtapi and asttapi projects but mainly adopted to new source code and functionality in v1.1.

We recommend you take a look at the included ASTProviderTest.exe sample application and source files.

How-to Debug a TSP

The Andreas_Marschall's_TAPI_and_TSPI_FAQ page is full of valuable information.

We can also point some tricks we use:

  • First of all you will need to know the svchost process ID that is running tapisrv.dll:
    • tasklist -fi "services eq tapisrv"
    • You can also use a process explorer (we love procexp from to find wich DLL are attached to each proces, so look wich svchost instance is loading activatsp.tsp or other system tsp.
  • Then you can attach to this process using vc2005. This way you will be debugging your tsp.

To trace you can...

  • Use the OS-internal TAPI tracing for TAPI32, TAPISRV, or REMOTESP can be activated from console in XP and WS2k3 (no checked build required):
    • netsh ras set tracing tapi32 enable
    • netsh ras set tracing tapi3 enable
    • netsh ras set tracing tapisrv enable
    • netsh ras set tracing remotesp enable
  • To deactivate just use the same command with disable instead of enable
  • The Log Files can be found in \%windir%\tracing\

About us...


Activa TSP was developed by ICR and given to the Community to facilitate the creation of telephony applications.

ICR is the first company to openly release a professional free software solution, EVOLUTION Call Center.

EVOLUTION Call Center is available in Spanish.


Please drop a message in the forums and tell us how Activa for Asterisk worked for you.

We will be happy to hear from you what your configuration is like, if using SIP, IAX2, mISDN, ZAP or whatever, if using queues or if your MS Outlook or TAPI application is working well with open-source Activa.

We are interested into knowing what different configurations have been tested, what is missing and if there is something to fix (sure there is). If you let us know we may try to fix it.