Support Activa for Asterisk

If you appreciate Activa, and you wish to help the project to grow improving the software and all relative aspects (i.e. machines for testing and porting the application on newer platforms, even if they have a small market share and may not generate enough return to keep the platform-specific development active by themselves,...), you can contribute donating through PayPal:

About us...


Activa TSP was developed by ICR and given to the Community to facilitate the creation of telephony applications.

ICR is the first company to openly release a professional free software solution, EVOLUTION Call Center.

EVOLUTION Call Center is available in Spanish.


Please drop a message in the forums and tell us how Activa for Asterisk worked for you.

We will be happy to hear from you what your configuration is like, if using SIP, IAX2, mISDN, ZAP or whatever, if using queues or if your MS Outlook or TAPI application is working well with open-source Activa.

We are interested into knowing what different configurations have been tested, what is missing and if there is something to fix (sure there is). If you let us know we may try to fix it.